Things I want:

For someone to worry about Dean.

For someone to take notice of Dean’s pain

For someone to tell Dean that he is special

For someone to go out of there way to help/protect Dean

Castiel. The thing you just described is called a Castiel.

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but no wait

is shark week actually a thing in america?

like, it’s a week where you talk about sharks?

cause i thought it was a joke

here in new zealand shark week means you have your period


Never <3

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every disaster movie ever

  • scientist: don't do that
  • military official: lol
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when fic completely erases every single female character from it


when femslash fic completely erases every single male character from it


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What, exactly, is wrong with abusers getting redemption arcs? I don't agree with ignoring victims and their arcs, but people who do bad things aren't always bad people. What about abusers who try to make amends, who are possibly under the influence of drugs or used to be abused themselves? My grandma, for example, was a monstrous human being when she used to drink and do dope. She did disgusting, awful things to people and herself. But now she is sober and a loving, wonderful, kind woman.


That’s true, and very important to consider—I’m sorry if the language in that post was a little too absolute. And I’m certainly not an expert on the subject by any means.

A lot of the redemption arcs I’ve seen people talk about in reference to certain abusive characters, though, basically amount to those characters waltzing right back into their victims’ lives and told that It’s All Okay because They’re Very Sorry About Everything, and getting welcomed back as though nothing had happened in the first place. That’s more or less what I reblogged that post in reference to—less actually redeeming an abusive character and more excusing or wallpapering over what they actually did, which entirely too any fans and/or writers seem willing to do.

You’re definitely right that forgiveness is important and anyone can take a second chance to make their life much better than it was. But a redemption arc for an abusive character shouldn’t ignore what that character did or excuse their actions, and it shouldn’t (as you pointed out) come at the price of doing a disservice to the victim or victims involved. 

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[messages you at three a.m.] hey do u wanna hear my headcanons

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sometimes Cracked is so weirdly on point

Caitlin and I are asked if we’re sisters all the time

It took me a second to get it because at first glance I thought Mywifejen was one of those Welsh names




sometimes Cracked is so weirdly on point

Caitlin and I are asked if we’re sisters all the time

It took me a second to get it because at first glance I thought Mywifejen was one of those Welsh names

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Feminists need to stop fighting for equality and start fighting for justice. Males and females ARE NOT the same, so why treat both the same? It’s like giving a snake and a human mittens, it’s equal, but it’s not fair.

Can you list some ways in which men and women are always inherently NOT the same, without resorting to cissexist assumptions and tired stereotypes? 

women have no hands, we are eldritch serpentine creatures from beyond the dawn of time, with no need for your petty ‘mittens’ or terrible analogies

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Writers: Wow, I can tell you really love this character. Wouldn’t it be a shame if…

They were entirely heterosexual?

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I wonder if bonsai plants would be considered plant cruelty. After all, plants do want to grow as much as possible, which they are not allowed to do in small pots.

I will fight to preserve what lives and grows well in its own way, though, and in some ways, a bonsai would just be a different way of growing, wouldn’t it be?

Unrestrained growth isn’t always the best thing for Life, after all.

I think a good wizard would find a way to talk to the tree in a way that might bring it around to the right way of thinking.

Good bonsai, as near as I can determine, is about coaxing the tree into shape, bending it by guiding it, not forcing it, keeping it compact with careful patience.

There’s something to be said about being small, about being slow, and cautious, about packing as much Life as possible into the most delicate of forms, and I don’t think it’s necessarily something that would go against wizardry.

And now I’m thinking of the shakkans of Tamora Pierce’s Winding Circle series, the bonsais and the magic potential of them, and how those sorts of thought can be applied to the YW series.

Thinking about the spellwork you might be able to fit into the shape of the tree as it grows, slow spells that take a century to perfect, of the conversations you might have with a century old tree who has spent so much time growing and hardly gaining size, just changing in more subtle and beautiful ways, and what they might have to say about Life.

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Erica Carroll in Supernatural

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pacific rim is the only action film i can think of where, according to google images, the term “[lead male character] sweater” is about as frequently searched as “[lead male character] shirtless” and i think that’s beautiful

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multiple problems explained with two pictures


Supernatural’s conception of its fanbase:


Actual fanbase:



Yeah, but at the same time, I think could be argued that they learned their lesson at least a little bit in coming up with the new perception of their fanbase, in the form of a new and highly improved fan-avatar character:

(Or maybe just Robbie Thompson learned it, bless his soul and his pen)

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